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Registration at Tribunale di Palermo

no. 19 of 6 May 1991

ISSN 1120-4060 printed

ISSN 2280-3882 online

Bocconea 16 (1-2)


Bocconea 16(1) - 2003

Edited on behalf of Fondazione Internazionale pro Herbario Mediterraneo by

Francesco M. Raimondo & Werner Greuter

Editorial board and staff

Editor: F. M. Raimondo

Associate editor: W. Greuter

Editorial assistance: C. Mineo, L. Naselli Flores

Editorial secretariat: G. Aquila, S. La Rocca

Editing: G. Bazan

Design: G. Bazan, N. Surano

Printed by Luxograph, Piazza Bartolomeo da Messina 2/e - Palermo

July, 2003

ISBN 88-7915-015-4


Proceedings of the X OPTIMA Meeting. Palermo, 13-19 September 2001

Part One: Symposium lectures

Edited by Francesco M. Raimondo

Abdel Razik, M. S.: Detenction and understanding of changes in biodiversity in response to changes in environmental drivers and pressures in the Mediterranean area, an example from Egypt

Aleffi, M., Cortini Pedrotti, C. & Gafta, D.: Bryogeographic patterns in the small islands surrounding the Italian penisula, Sicily and Sardinia

Arrigoni, P.V., Baldini, R. M., Foggi, B. & Signorini, M. A.: Analysis of the floristic diversity of the Tuscan Archipelago for conservation purposes

Athanasiadis, A.: Taxonomy of Rhodophyta with particular reference to Mediterranean species

Barone, R.: A critical inventory of freshwater phytoplankton in Sicilian lakes

Blockeel, T. L.: New records of bryophytes from Cyprus

Bosch, M., Simon, J., Rovira, A. M., Molero, J., Lopez-Pujol, J. & Blanché, C.: Effects of fragmentation on pollination ecology and genetic diversity in endemic Mediterranean species

Bressan, G. & Babbini, L.: Corallinales des mers italiennes: connaissance actuelle et futures perspectives

Camarda, I.: Some considerations about diversity, distribution and problems of Quercus L. in Sardinia

Casasayas Fornell, T.: La flore ornementale du nord-est de la Penisule iberique

Cristofolini, G. & Conte, L.: Genetic diversity, reproductive biology and conservation strategies of endangered species

Cuccuini, P.: The types of Italian flora in the Herbarium Centrale Italicum (FI) in relation to the original collections and their founders

Dell’Uomo, A.: Les algues des milieux lothiques de l’Italie et leur importance dans l’évaluation de la qualité des cours d’eau

Dia, M. G., Lo Giudice, R. & Privitera, M.: Diversité bryophytique dans des aires urbaines da la Sicile

El-Saadawi, W., Shabbara, H. M., Refai, S. M. & Abou-Salama, U. Y.: Mosses of different phytogeographical territories of Egypt

Escudero, A., Torres, M. E., Pérez, C. & Iriondo, J. M.: Spatial scales in the genetic diversity of allogamous Antirrhinum microphyllum Rothm. (Scrophulariaceae)

Fennane, M.: Evolution actuelle et future des écosystèmes arbores au Sud de la Méditerranée: cas du Maroc

Foggi, B., Signorini, M. A. & Rossi, G.: The genus Festuca in Italy

Funari, G., Cormaci, M. & Giaccone, G.: The benthic macroalgal flora of Italy: floristic and geobotanic considerations

Garbari, F., Giordani, A., Marcucci R. & Tornadore, N.: The genus Ornithogalum L. (Hyaciinthaceae) in Italy, XIV: towards a redefinition of infrageneric taxa, with new proposals

Garbari, F., Giovannini, A. & Marchetti, D.: Biosystematics, taxonomy and phytogeography of the Pteridological Flora of the Monte Pisano (NW Tuscany, Italy)

Gavilàn, R. G.: Does global warming pose a true threat to Mediterranean biodiversity?

Giaccone, G.: Biodiversity in the Mediterranean Sea: an introductory speech to the Marine Algae Symposium

Gòmez Garreta, A.: Taxonomy of Phaeophyceae with particular reference to Mediterranean species

Heywood, V.: Mediterranean Plant Collections: needs and options. Setting the scene: what we have inherited

Komàrek, J.: Areas of distribution in Cyanobacteria; specificity of the cyanoprokaryotic microflora in the Mediterranean region

Mazzola, P., Raimondo, F. M. & Schicchi, R.: The agro-biodiversity of Sicily in ancient herbaria and illustrated works

Médail, F. & Quézel, P.: Conséquences écologiques possibles des changements climatiques sur la flore et la végétation du bassin méditerranéen

Moggi,G., & La Valva, V.: The flora of Cilento (Salerno): its past, present and future

Pedrotti, F.: Biologie de la conservation des phtocoenoses

Picò, F. X., Mix, C. N., Ouborg, J. & van Groenendael, J. M.: Might family-level variation in inbreeding depression have implications for the conservation of fragmented plant populations?

Pignatti, S.: The Mediterranean Ecosystem

Por, F. D.: Biogeography of “Mediterraneis” a province moulded by Humans

Rejdali, M & Abdoun, O.: Collecting for the herbarium and the botanic garden of the Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassann II (IAV)

Reynolds, C. S.: Pelagic community assembly and the habitat template

Russakova, V.: Biodiversity and conservation of the vegetation in Rila mountain (centra of the Balkan Peninsula)

Suteu, A., Gafta, D. & GRoza, G.: Reproductive and distribution patterns in two populations of the rare endemimt Astragalus peterfii Jàv. (Transylvania, Romania)

Scialabba, A., Geraci, A. & Robba, L.: Biology and conservation strategies of genetic diversity in wild Sicilian populations of Brassica sect. Brassica (Cruciferae)

Talhouk, S., Sinno Saoud, N. & Jury, S. L.: Work on the Post Herbarium at the American University of Beirut

Vasic, O.: Are the urban and periurban adventive plants a potential threat factor for diversity of the autochthonous flora in Serbia?


Bocconea 16(1) - 2003

Edited on behalf of Fondazione Internazionale pro Herbario Mediterraneo by Francesco M. Raimondo & Werner Greuter

Editorial board and staff

Editor: F. M. Raimondo

Associate editor: W. Greuter

Editorial assistance: C. Mineo, L. Naselli Flores

Editorial secretariat: G. Aquila, S. La Rocca

Editing: G. Bazan

Design: G. Bazan, N. Surano

Printed by Luxograph, Piazza Bartolomeo da Messina 2/e - Palermo

July, 2003

ISBN 88-7915-015-4


Proceedings of the X OPTIMA Meeting. Palermo, 13-19 September 2001

Part Two: Poster presentations

Edited by Francesco M. Raimondo

Alaimo & al.: Sclerophyllous leaf characteristics

Albert & al.: Reproductive costs of herbivory

Ballester-Hernandez & al.: Size structure in populations

Bancheva & Raimondo: Biosystematic studies of seven Balkan

Bareka, & al.: Cytogeographic study of the genus Leucojum

Barone & al.: Asparagopsis taxiformis (Bonnemaisoniales, Rhodophyta)

Bartolo & al.: Limonium formosum (Plumbaginaceae)

Bocchieri & Iiriti: Variation of the floristic inventory

Borzatti de Loewenstern & Garbari: Bellevalia dubia

Boscaiu & al.: Morphological differentiation

Brullo & al.: Cytotaxonomical remarks on

Brullo & al.: Elaeoselinum tunetanum (Umbelliferae)

Brullo & Sampinato: Sedum annuum subsp. gussonei

Calvo & al.: Posidonia oceanica as biological indicator

Carine & al.: Evolution of spines and the taxonomic

Coppola di Canzano & al.: Evaluation of the rappresentativeness

De Leonardis & al.: Linaria multicaulis (Scrophulariaceae)

Di Gristina & al.: Conservation ex situ of Sicilian endemic

Deil: Holy Forests in Northern Morocco

Domina & Mazzola: A phenetic approach to the genus Limonium

Eichberger: Euphorbia dendroides (Euphorbiaceae)

El-Barasi & al.: Checklist and analysis of the flora

Erol & Kuçuker: Morpho-anatomical observation on three Romulea

Falace & Bressan: Changes of algal flora

Gangale Uzunov & Uzunov: Floristic Composition of traditional

Ghirardelli: Species composition of endolithic

Gomez-Campo: Morphological characterisation

Grisafi F. & al.: An evaluation of biodiversity in Tricutum durum

Gussev & al.: Conservation of Leucojum aestivum

Herrnstadt & al.: Highlights from “The Bryophyte”

Ivanova & al.: Pteridophyte spores of Bulgaria

Jahn: The phytodiversity of the flora of Kriti (Greece)

Junikka & Uotila: Comparison of the vascular flora

Karousou & Kokkini: The genus Origanum

Kleftoyanni & Kokkini: The Labiate plants

Koca: Morpho-anatomical and karyological studies on

Kozuharova & Raimondo: Plant community growing on

La Mantia & Giannuzzi: Considerations on protection and forestal

La Rocca & Bazan: Distribution of five hypogeus macromycetes

Lattanzi & al.: Apport à la connaissance des espèces

Liberato & al.: Mediterranean flora in some botanic

Lorenzo & al.: Isozyme variation in the Canarian endemic

Lugliè & al.: First record of the dinoflagellate

Magos Brehm & al.: The breeding system of Linaria ricardoi

Maniscalco & Raimondo: Ecology and optimal and heterotopical

Mannino & al.: First record of Paralemanea catenata (Rhodophyta)

Marinkovic & al.: Antibacterial activity of the essential oil

Marinkovic & al.: Antifungal effect of the essential oil

Merola & al.: Mediterranean plants

Mineo & al.: Exotic ornamental plants in Sicily

Mnif & al.: Diversité génétique chez diverses provenances

Morabito & al.: Life history of two species of Bryopsis

Onofri & al.: The Check-list of Italian Fungi

Papes & al.: Distribution of haplotypes of common oak

Peccenini & al.: Rapport entre le niveau de la ploidie

Perille & al.: About the taxonomic problems in Orchis coriophora

Petrova & Stanimirova: Karyological study of some Geranium

Picone & al.: The flora of Peloritan District (Sicily)

Pimentel & Sahuquillo: An approach to the study of

Pimentel & Sahuquillo: Study of the leaf anatomy of the Iberian

Poli Marchese & al.: Native, spontaneously spreading

Pujadas-Salvà & al.: Orobanche crinita and Orobanche foetida

Raimondo & al.: Biodiversity and important plant areas

Raus: Bacopa (Scrophulariaceae) in Greece and

Rodriguez Gonzalez & al.: Contribution for the Taxonomical

Rossello-Grael & al.: Conservation programme for Narcissus

Rossini Oliva & al.: The ornamental flora of Western Sicily

Sabovljevic: Données sur la présence et la chorologie

Siljak-Yakovlev & al.: Taille du genome et différentiation

Sérgio & al.: Bryophyte diversity and impact of land-use

Serra & al.: Distribution, status and conservation of rare

Snogerup & Snogerup: Local endemism in European

Sousa & al.: Seedling emergence of Mediterranean

Strid & Tan: Bulbous and tuberous plants of Greece

Uotila & al.: New face of Atlas Florae Europaeae

Uzunov & Gussev: High mountain flora of Bulgaria

Uzunov & Raimondo: Comparative analysis of North Pirin (Mt.)

Yena & Raimondo: Glimpses of Sicilian and Crimean endemism

Copyright © by Fondazione Internazionale pro Herbario Mediterraneo